Millennial Politics: “She the People” Summit: A Revolution in Living Color

“Forget the waves, we’re going to own the ocean!”

That quote, from Rashida Tlaib’s speech at the first-ever “She the People” Summit, sums up the electricity in the air from the day-long event featuring women candidates and leaders of color.

While the shameful GOP sideshow over an abject Supreme Court nominee was taking place in D.C., a revolutionary moment in American history was occurring in San Francisco.

“It was beautiful, it was powerful, it was fantastic and historic,” said Aimee Allison, the founder of “She the People.” “For a political event to be centered around women of color is a new thing, joyful and fierce. It definitely felt like a beginning of a movement.”


Allison, the president of Democracy in Color and the host of the “Democracy in Color” podcast, had the vision for the summit in April, and by September 20, the day the event took place, 600 people jammed into the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco to hear electric speeches.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee from California told the crowd: “The power of women of color will help regain the soul of America.”

“If you want to know if you’re going the right way, follow women of color,” said Linda Sarsour, founder of MPower Change and a Women’s March board member.” “When we fight for justice, we fight for all people.”

California State Senator Holly Mitchell said: “We gonna get this done. Harriet Tubman said, ‘I could’ve freed more people if they knew they were enslaved.’ Collectively we’re gonna kick his ass.'” The ‘him’ was clear to all.

United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta led with a beautiful quote by Coretta Scott King: “We will never have peace in the world until women take power.”

And ten-year-old author Lyric Watts said she envisions “a revolution built on love.”