BuzzFeed News: Democrats Preview The 2020 Primary, And It's Intersectional, Antiestablishment, And Democratic Socialist–Friendly

A gritty, Don LaFontaine–esque voice boomed over a crowded conference room at Netroots Nation: “No matter where we come from or what our color, most of us work hard for our families. But today, certain politicians and their greedy lobbyists hurt everyone by handing kickbacks to the rich, defunding our schools, and threatening our seniors with cuts to social security.

“Then they turn around and point a finger for our hard times at poor families, black people, and new immigrants,” the voiceover told activists at a training session aimed at crafting intersectional messaging around race and class. “We need to join together with people from all walks of life to fight for our future, just like we won better wages, safer workplaces, and civil rights in our past.” 


“We’re on the cusp of a cultural and political moment. That’s evident now more than ever,” Aimee Allison, the president of Democracy in Color and founder of She the People, told BuzzFeed News after Warren and Harris had spoken to the crowd.

Allison emphasized that the Democratic Party’s priorities moving forward should be expanding the electorate and paying attention to the base that’s always supported the party but hasn’t often been recognized. “Our swing voter isn’t red to blue,” she said. “It’s nonvoter to voter.”