Remezcla: Hidden Figures: How Women of Color are Making History in the Midterms

By Aimee Allison

We’re in trouble in this country. And the very people in this country that have been ignored, taken for granted, discounted, and dehumanized are the ones who are going to save us. The people who are most deeply affected and harmed by the cruel policies and practices of this country are the ones poised to lead as courageous candidates and elected officials, strategists, and voters. I’m talking about the saving graces of our democracy: women of color.

Women of color are leading a multiracial democratic coalition that will win in swing states and beyond this year and in 2020. And these victories are not simply about electing Democrats. We, women of color, have bigger plans for the nation. We’re seeking economic and racial justice. We want a country where people can live lives of dignity. This means full access to healthcare, housing, and education. This means living into a democracy we’ve dreamed of but have not yet realized. It’s a politics we have not yet seen. So how will all of this come into view?

Let me tell you. I have launched She the People, a call to our nation to elevate women of color fully into our fierce and loving leadership and collective power. She the People fully recognizes that women of color are leading an inclusive, multiracial coalition that will transform our country’s politics. She the People tells the story of the remarkable candidates, voters, and strategists that are offering a way through our current crisis. This is not the end of our democracy, my friends. Despite the news, there’s something happening in this country that changes everything. Women of color are showing the nation that we are on the cusp of a new progressive and political era in America.