Ebony: History Repeats Itself with Dr. Ford and Anita Hill

An ugly history repeated itself when a woman stood before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27 to testify that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University in California, said in her testimony that in 1982, Kavanaugh tried to force himself on her at a party in Maryland when they were both teenagers.

According to Ford, Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed, groped her, ground against her, and tried to pull off her clothes, and covered her mouth when she tried to scream.

Ford said she was afraid Kavanaugh “might inadvertently kill me” during the attack.

Much like a woman before her, Ford was met with character attacks and accusations of being an agent for the left, acting on behalf of partisan politics.

Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican senator from South Carolina, said after Ford’s testimony that the Democrats were operating an “unethical sham.”